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Whatever you want to say and however you want to say it, say it with Oval Labels. The message you want to express whether to friends, customers or just the public in general can be got across in many different ways with Oval Labels. Stick it on your school bag or on the bumper of your car; stick them on a notice board or on your display window for everyone to see as they pass by. Make your Die Cast Stickers large for immediate impact or small and discreet to put in noticeable places.

These stickers are a combination of the printed sticky letters or logos, a protective paper sheet over the letters and the clear plastic backing to place on the surface your are attaching it to and will peel off after ensuring that the artwork is securely in place. For smaller pieces of artwork a plastic card, such as a credit card is ideal for using like a scraper to make sure each component if firmly in place. Oval Labels are waterproof so ideal for use on delivery vehicles advertising your company or logo, shop windows with your name or product boldly displayed or as a bumper sticker giving your opinion on the world today. The advantage of oval labels printing is that your sign is always perfect with no chance for a spelling error or slip as with normal sign writing methods, and if a mistake is made or you decide to change your message it can be peeled off and replaced. Just for fun Oval Labels can be personalized and stuck to almost anything from a skate-board to a wind-surfer.

Kids can have great fun with Oval Labels, colorful pictures and patterns to personalize their bikes, stuck to their bags or books, especially the girls putting their latest favorite pop artist or bands name and remove when they are 'old hat'. Scrap books can be made special with the use of Oval Labels; they can be downloaded from the internet in sheets and used on the pages throughout the book separating events through the life of the child or adolescent.

Companies can make many uses for Oval Labels. Name plates on offices, stickers for telephones, and logos in appropriate places and stuck in places as reminders to switch off, wash hands, close doors and many other little reminders but with little Die Cut Sticker pictures to add a bit of humor to the many rules. Always a favorite place for Oval Labels is the car, both bumper and windows, Oval Labels can be produced with the adhesive either side for use on the inside of glass.

Messages are usually religious or funny but can also be used for a good way of advertising.  Your company name or logo can be seen by hundreds sat in traffic jams that occur worldwide, radio stations seem to be the most popular of these, what else is there to do if stuck in miles of traffic but listen to music or the radio! Any event can be brightened up with Oval Labels. From the start with invitations sent out to guests, name tags if it's a sit down do. Banners printed with the name or special event, famous people's faces stuck to a hand held mask for a fun parade, the uses and variety of applications for Oval Labels is endless.

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