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Decorative File Folders

The use of decorative file folders is now in common usage in almost every organization. The decorative file folders are important since they can help in enhancing the corporate identity of the organization making unforgettable amongst the customers. The design of the decorative file folder is essential and should resonate with what the customers want .

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Decorative File Folders


Specifications Quantity / Prices
Material Colours Sides / Pages Fold 100 250 500 1000 2000
Gloss Card
6 x 9 inches - 14pt 
Full Colour One Side Single Side 1 Fold $ 810 $ 958 $ 1039 $ 1532 $ 2025
Gloss Card
9 x 12 inches - 14pt 
Full Colour One Side Single Side 1 Fold $ 1208 $ 1424 $ 1842 $ 2713 $ 3577
Gloss Card
9 x 14 inches - 14pt 
Full Colour One Side Single Side 1 Fold $ 1215 $ 1437 $ 1869 $ 2781 $ 3692

PrintingGood designs globally accepted decorative file folders that drive business to global excellence. We are an online printing company that highly values the satisfaction of its customers and will help into meeting your needs for your organizational success.

Decorative file folder printing is the unique and attractive way to organize the documents. In the past file folders were almost same with each other and there was no uniqueness in them but now these folders are available in different designs and distinct functions in order to fit the unique needs of the businesses or home office.

Your design, style, color choice and even the size and shape of the decorative file folders will be our main instrument of consideration while designing and printing your decorative hanging file folders. We ensure that our quality meets your expectations.

If you are looking for the best and quality printing services then you have come to the right place. Let us take care for your printing requirements.