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It is human nature to want to beautify our surroundings and that apply to our windows too. Stained glasses originate several hundred years ago and have never failed to capture one's attention. Many years down the road, the idea of decorating our windows has transcended to generating awareness of commercial products through Clear Clings made for various purposes.

If you are wondering exactly what window clings are, basically they are the ‘stickers’ made from plastic vinyl that we attach to the windows of our cars, homes etc. Clear Clings made designs vary depending on their intended purposes. Decorative window clings tend to bore intricate designs while those with an advertising nature focus on being bold and eye-catching.

Window clings printing however, are not as lasting as vinyl decals as they only rely on static electricity instead of the usual adhesive to affix themselves to glass surfaces. Thus, when attached to surfaces that are weather exposed for a prolonged period, they may lose their adhesiveness and will need to be re-attached. Despite these disadvantages, they are popular among consumers for their non residue-leaving properties. They can also be removed easily, thus reducing the possibilities of scratching.

With Clear Clings made to your design preferences, you can maximize the usage of your dull glass windows and convert them into an opportunity to generate extra revenue. As the old adage goes: “a picture speaks more than a thousand words”. Allow your creative juices to flow and shape the clings you want them to be as bold and as memorable they can be. Your Clear Clings made can be a real head turner and attract the attention of hundreds of new customers!

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